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Automobile diverter: HoFL3-9420 ● Rated current: 350A ● Resistance value: 50 μ Ω、100 μ Ω ● Product accuracy: 0.2%~5% ● Accept customization


HoFL3-9420-Type Selection Of Vehicle-Gauge Shunt

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Product features:

1. High precision, high reliability, high overload capacity and high stability
2. High reliability, high overload capacity and high product accuracy.
3. Wide temperature range non-inductive design
4. Resistance temperature coefficient TCR × 10-6/℃≤50ppm
5. Products meet ROHS requirements
6. Passed AEC-Q200 certification


Product model:

1, Product nominal:


Product size:


Electrical performance:


Rated Current 350A
AccuracyClass  0.2%、0.5%、1%、2%、5%
20 ℃~60 ℃ resistance temperature coefficientT.C.R ( ppm / ℃ )  ≤25
Manganese copper material GB 6J12 precision manganese copper
 Copper material national standard T2 Y2
Operating Temperature Range -55℃~+170℃