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Bare alloy resistance HoVB series: ● Power: 5W ● Resistance value: 0.2mR~4mR ● Accuracy: ± 0.5% ± 1% ± 5% ● Temperature coefficient (TCR): ≤ 50ppm ● Low inductance ● Products meet ROHS requirements ● The product meets the requirements of AEC-Q200 ● Accept customization


HoVB Outer Folding Leg Series

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Product features:

1. Electron beam welding process, good welding performance, easy to weld
2. High reliability, high overload capacity, high product accuracy
3. Use non-inductive design with wide temperature range and inductance less than 10 Ohms
4. Resistance temperature coefficient TCR (25~50ppm/℃)
5. Products meet ROHS requirements
6. The product meets the requirements of AEC-Q200

Product model:

1. Product nominal:

Product size:


Electrical performance: