Platform Operations Specialist

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Junior college






Job Responsibilities:
1. Channel building: Learn more about the current situation of the platform, introduce a higher quality platform, and obtain greater traffic;
2. Rule guidance: Determine the operational rules for each platform, and conduct replenishment and shelf placement according to platform rules;
3. Event planning: always pay attention to platform activities, make greater efforts to attract users' attention, and improve product and company visibility;
4. Platform Replenishment: Focus on platform inventory and advantageous products, and timely replenishment and shipment;
5. Platform release: pre-sale release, new release, understanding relevant platforms, identifying highlights, and regularly increasing the release of new products;
5. Customer maintenance: maintenance of existing customers;
6. Platform beautification: platform beautification, image beautification;
7. Other matters: handle other matters of the department.
1. Gender is not limited, college degree or above in relevant majors, knowledge of Photoshop, coreldraw, Illustrator and other design software is preferred;
2. Have a certain understanding of platform operation;
3. Able to propose optimization plans and handle matters independently;
4. Honest, down-to-earth, patient, willing to work, and able to complete assigned tasks with quality and quantity guaranteed.