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Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, Foshan, Shenzhen, Anhui

Job Responsibilities: (Recruiting 10-15 employees from three production bases in Shenzhen, Foshan, and Anhui, with different work locations available)
(1) Responsible for customer maintenance and follow-up, including customer consultation, quotation, order receiving, customer complaint, and after-sales service;
(2) Responsible for order tracking, including order entry system, production progress tracking, shipment tracking, and logistics tracking;
(3) Responsible for customer sample follow-up, customer stock demand follow-up;
(4) Platform maintenance, update, and release of new products;
(5) Other temporary assignments.
Job Requirements:
1. 2-5 documentary experience, technical secondary school degree or above, 20-30 years old;
2. Experience in electronic company merchandising is preferred;
3. Familiar with commonly used office software;
4. Experience in hardware industry and Alibaba platform maintenance is preferred.