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Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for accounting for product standard costs and actual costs, and analyzing differences between standard and actual costs;
2. Responsible for cost control work such as production work order cost inspection and analysis, and responsible for monthly cost settlement;
3. Responsible for the reimbursement, payment, and daily accounting related to the purchase of fixed assets;
4. Responsible for accounting processing such as procurement reimbursement and payment;
5. Responsible for the issuance of * * * and the confirmation and verification of accounts receivable;
6. Responsible for calculating and withdrawing various taxes payable, handling tax payment work and controlling tax burden;
7. Responsible for inventory management work such as inventory counting and inventory slack analysis;
8. Responsible for reviewing employee reimbursement expenses and preparing vouchers;
9. Responsible for preparing financial statements, analyzing financial structure, responsible for company cost accounting and assisting in cost control;
10. Actively complete other tasks assigned by superiors.
Job Requirements:
1. Accounting related major, college degree or above; Have a primary accounting certificate
2. At least 3 years of working experience, with manufacturing enterprise cost accounting experience is preferred;
3. Familiar with overall accounting work, such as cost accounting, various financial statements, fixed asset management, tax management, financial management, etc., familiar with accounting regulations and tax laws;
4. Proficient in using financial and office software, familiar with ERP system is preferred;
5. Strong ability to work independently and understand;
6. Careful work, strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills, team spirit.