Quality Engineer

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Junior college





Shenzhen, Foshan, Anhui

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for process inspection and control and the preparation of relevant documents;
2. Responsible for feedback, analysis, and follow-up handling of quality anomalies such as production anomalies and incoming materials;
Organize resources, analyze and verify significant quality anomalies, follow up on improvement progress, and ultimately output a summary report;
4. Summarize various abnormal phenomena and reasons, and formulate corresponding quality control standards, processing procedures, and work instructions;
5. Count and summarize various abnormalities, regularly output failure case textbooks, and organize corresponding training;
6. Training, ability improvement, and qualification assessment of IPQC inspectors;
Responsible for the calibration and submission of inspection fixtures and measuring tools;
8. Collate and publish daily, weekly, and monthly inspection reports;
9. Conduct cause analysis, improvement follow-up, and result verification for customer complaints;
10. Familiar with product reliability testing procedures and standards.
11. Familiar with SPC, FMEA, and CPK tools, and have a certain understanding of ISO900A and IATF16949 systems;
12. Other work tasks assigned by superiors
Job Requirements:
1. College degree or above in mechanical, electronic, or related majors;
2. Proficient in using quality tools: seven QC techniques, PFMEA, PQCP, SPC (process statistical analysis), MSA (measurement system analysis), 8D, etc;
3. Strong observation and analysis skills;
4. Strong interpersonal communication and coordination skills;
5. Good communication skills.